Caravan tyres in West Yorkshire

Caravan tyres for trips away at The Motor Family

The tyres on your caravan are different to standard vehicle tyres and have a limited lifespan, despite only being used for a small portion of the year. It’s advised to replace caravan tyres every 8-10 years. The production date will be visible on the tyre, so you can easily work out how much longer your tyres have left before requiring a change.

Mobile home tyres

A particular focus on the age and minimum tread of your mobile home tyres will ensure you have a safe time away on the road. Mobile home tyres are split into different categories, depending on the size of the vehicle. Small mobile homes can partially be driven with standard car tyres, while larger mobile homes are likely to require transporter or camping pneus tyres. Similar to cars, winter tyres are advised if you’re planning to drive your mobile home during the winter months.

Caravan tyres at The Motor Family

We can offer you the best prices on caravan tyres at The Motor Family in West Yorkshire. Our expert technicians are ready to fit your vehicle with tyres ready for your trip so that you can experience a higher quality of driving.