Run flat tyres in West Yorkshire

Run flat tyres for safer driving at The Motor Family

Run flat tyres offer van drivers a safer driving experience when the vehicle picks up tyre damage. Vans with run flat tyres can be driven roughly 60-100 miles at 50mph after receiving damage, which means there’s no need to urgently change the tyre yourself or wait for breakdown assistance at the side of the road.

The making of run flat tyres

Run flat tyres have reinforced side walls to stop them from becoming flat or bursting upon a sudden loss of air. The tyres are mounted onto rims specifically designed for run flat tyres, which keeps them from becoming unattached after damage.

Our advice

We ask that you ensure your run flat tyres are only fitted by experts who are experienced with the procedure. Unfortunately, we have met many customers who have had the tyres fitted incorrectly, leading to damaged rims or tyres and broken locking wheel nuts. This is often also a sign of some garages using the wrong equipment for fitting run flat tyres.

Visit The Motor Family for run flat tyres

At The Motor Family, we offer a range of run flat tyres for you to choose from and we will fit them quickly and accurately at a fair price to ensure you won’t experience any issues with your tyres.