Diesel injector pulling in West Yorkshire

Diesel injector pulling for your vehicle at The Motor Family

If you have any issues with your fuel injector, visit The Motor Family in West Yorkshire.

Diesel injector pulling issues

Stuck or seized injectors is a common problem with diesel vehicles. Reasons for the issue include carbon build-up, water ingress, excess amounts of dirt or debris, water ingress, and corrosion or leaking injector seats. It’s a dangerous job to fix, so make sure you bring your vehicle to our experienced technicians if you’re noticing anything might be wrong.

We will safely remove the seized injectors, either mechanically or hydraulically, and perform a thorough test on your fuel injection system to ensure there are no further issues.

Diesel injector pulling at The Motor Family

Contact The Motor Family in West Yorkshire if you think your fuel injector might be stuck and we will perform a thorough inspection to repair any defects as soon as possible and at an affordable price.