Winter tyres in West Yorkshire

Winter tyres for cold driving conditions at The Motor Family

The weather in winter can make driving conditions quickly change to dramatically affect the safety of your vehicle. Winter tyres can adapt to the dangerous driving conditions due to the cold-resistant rubber mixture used to produce the tyre, which makes it softer than tyres used in summer. This leads to winter tyres being worn faster though, so the profile depth will need to be measured regularly.

The winter tyre profile

You can expect a more stable drive with winter tyres, which have larger grooves and additional slats compared to standard tyres. Snow builds up in the extra grooves to create friction, providing you with more grip on the road. As the tyre becomes more worn, the grooves won’t be able to accumulate as much snow and your stability on the road will be affected.

Aquaplaning protection

The risk of aquaplaning is increased when driving in winter, however if you switch to winter tyres then your protection is much greater, with your vehicle having more control driving on the road. The grooves in the winter tyres collect water and take it away from your tyre to keep you safe.

Winter tyre requirements

While not legally specified by law, experts suggest driving with winter tyres or all-season tyres from October until April. Any vehicle accidents that take place in winter conditions using summer tyres can lead to your insurance company rejecting any settlements, regardless of whether you’re at fault or not.

Winter tyres at The Motor Family

At The Motor Family, we offer a range of winter tyres to suit your budget so that you can protect yourself from driving in dangerous conditions and maintain full control of your vehicle on the snow and ice.